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About Me

I am a scientist currently working as a research fellow at McGill University, Canada. My key research areas are structural mechanics and characterization of biological materials, 4D mechanisms, additive manufacturing, product design and medical technology. I employ a combination of parametric CAD modeling techniques coupled with Finite element analysis to understand and optimize the mechanics of a structure.

I also have expertise in translation of biological samples into digital models to parameterise their morphology, form vs function behavior and the relationship between material and structure. With a career in science I had the opportunity to live and work in different countries and I am looking forward to explore more. 

Apart from science I actively participate in meetups involving startups, trying to expose myself to new technological ideas and improve my understanding about other technological domains. In my free time, I conduct online workshops, I fly drones, enjoy swimming in the sea, and explore new places, food and cultures. My recent interests include tinkering my 3D printer and RasberryPI. I am a PADI certified advanced open water scuba diver, photographer and conservationist.

Feel free to get in touch with me, I am excited to discuss everything about science, travel and photography.

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